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Social Media Visibility & Management

We create business solutions that are exciting, inspiring, and easy to navigate. We use profile management, community building strategies, social bookmarking, content development, digital curation, adaptation, and advocacy building to help businesses strengthen their competitive advantage in the social space.

Our Social Strategies
We offer our clients a wide range of tools and networking options through social media to improve visibility, reputation, and build ongoing loyal relationships. We help to develop strategies, evaluate the options and identify the resources required to implement a social media-marketing program to meet our client’s goals.

  • Content Development
  • Managing Social Profiles
  • Community Building
  • Utilization of Brand Advocates
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Reputable Reporting Tools
Content Management Strategy

The development of content is key to the online social growth of a company. Content doesn’t only come in the form of blog posts and articles. It goes beyond the company website. Content also needs to be carefully crafted for outgoing tweets and Facebook posts. The words used in these pieces of content can help boost a brand in searches and also give credibility to their message. We utilize what we call a “semantic core” to create highly searchable pieces of content. The semantic core is comprised of the most searched words and phrases related to our client’s brand, optimizing the results of every piece of content.

Social Community Building Through Content Management
Building a loyal community around a client brings out organic and genuine brand advocates. These advocates are happy to tell their friends about their favorite brands through blogs, Facebook posts, and tweets. The community building goal is to spread the word about the brand, generate leads, create referrals, and ultimately make sales. A community is built through authentic engagement in content and conversation.

Social2B helps clients create inspiring content that not only reaches potential customers, but also retains them.

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